A New Wave of Entrepreneurship

Hear from changemakers, movement drivers and young Canadian entrepreneurs, and learn how they developed their key tools of change and innovation: an entrepreneurial mindset and skillset. Discover your own entrepreneurial potential. Join the new wave that’s building Canada into the most prosperous place in the world.

Laura Buhler: Harnessing the Power of Community
Cyrus Symoom: From Search to Scale – Navigating the Journey of Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition
Juanita Lee-Garcia: Shaping the Future of Philanthropy in Canada
Glen Silvestri: Investing in the Future With Search Funds and Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition
Sean Speer: Creating New Pathways in Canadian Media with The Hub
Mastering Resilience: Transforming Challenges into Opportunities, Finding Joy, and Embracing Fear as a Friend
Jessica Bosman & Bryn Davis Williams: Transforming the Apparel Industry One Bra at a Time
Drayton Mulindabigwi: The Power of Dreaming Big
Martin Basiri: Challenges and Triumphs – A Tale of a Tech Entrepreneur
Abi Coman-Walker: Navigating Change From Finance to Biotech Innovation
Reuven Ashtar: Top Tips for Influencers, Creators & Talent Managers
Tamara Vrooman: Leading at YVR Airport with a Curious Mind
Lourdes Juan: Practical Tips for Serial Entrepreneurship
Karen Greve Young: Championing Inclusive Leadership at Futurpreneur
Stewart Beck: Cultivating a Global Entrepreneurial Mindset
Ian Brooks: Revolutionizing Meal Kits with HelloFresh
Geoff Smith: Driving Innovation in Traditional Industries
AJ Tibando: Scaling Social Innovation
Jenn Harper: Embracing Vulnerability in Leadership
John Montalbano: Impactful Mentorship
Kevin Kliman: Navigating High-Growth Team Building in Tech
Hamza Khan: From Management to Leadership
Jonathan Hackett: Shaping a Career in Sustainable Finance
David Johnston: Building a More Innovative Country
Kayla Isabelle: The State of Entrepreneurship in Canada
Bruce Sellery: Fostering Financial Resilience in Entrepreneurs
Desh Deshpande: What it Takes to Become an Entrepreneur
Ronald Richardson: The Importance of Board Governance
John Baird: How To Deal with Geopolitical Risks
Stephen Poloz: How to Navigate Uncertainty
Irfhan Rawji: How Immigration Fosters Canadian Competitiveness
John Ruffolo: Fostering Self-Discipline
Chad Lubelsky: The Role of Post-Secondary Institutions
Jason Della Rocca: Building A Successful Video Game Company
Colin Deacon: Building An Entrepreneurial Government
Janet Bannister: Learning How to Make Difficult Decisions
Jay Reid: Increasing Your Adaptability
Sara Wilshaw: Fostering Canadian Trade Around the World
Christian Lassonde: Learning How to Interact with Venture Capitalists
Sam Duboc: Reducing The Stigma Around Mental Health
Darian Kovacs: How To Become a Successful Marketer
Goldy Hyder: Enhancing Canada’s Economic Competitiveness
Sukhinder Singh Cassidy: Becoming a Risk Taker
CCI – Understanding the Intangible Canadian Economy
Tim Jackson: What the Non-For-Profit and For-Profit Sectors Can Learn From Each Other
Mike Wessinger: Building a Human-Centred Organization
Michael Garrity: The Gift of Feedback
Kirstine Stewart: Cultivating Your Self-Awareness
Annette Verschuren: Trust Your Instincts
Martin Picard: Transforming the hospitality industry
Eva Lau: How to Cultivate Resiliency
Fahd AlHattab: Becoming a better leader and manager
Todd Finch: Building Concrete Habits
Vicki Saunders: Re-Imagine the System
Magaly Charbonneau: Understanding the Journey
Mark Wiseman: Investment in Human Capital
Gorick Ng: The Unspoken Rules
Kim Kaplan: All About Authenticity
Alison Loat: Easy to start, Hard to Grow and Build
Afraj Gill: Health , Wealth and Happiness
Mohammed Ghalayini: You Have Time to Course Correct
Markus Frind – Continual Improvement
Probal Lala: All About People
Mark Macleod: How Do I Grow 1% Each Day?
Andrew Graham: The Importance of Financial Health
Erin Bury: How Do I Get to that Stage?
Matt Golden: Wait, there’s a talent war?
Heather Payne: The School of Choice
Becoming a Tri-Sector Leader with Lekan Olawoye
Resilience and trusting oneself with Daniele Henkel
From a PHD in Genetics to a career in public Policy with Val Walker
It’s Never a Straight Line in Entrepreneurship with Boris Wertz
No One is An Expert in Anything with Desiree Bombenon
Arguing for Both Sides with Daniel Debow
Investing | It’s All About Perseverance
Behaviours in Tech | It’s All About self-awareness & self learning
Execution | It’s All About Helping You Reach Your Vision
Decision Making | It’s All About Your Mindset
Communication | It’s All About Understanding the Problem
Think Ambitiously | It’s All About Having a Clear Vision
Fake it till ya make it | It’s all about practice
Own who you are | A Leaders Mentality
LISN-IN | It’s all about trusting the process
Wants vs Needs: It’s All About Curiosity
Talk like a human: It’s all about people
Comfort with ambiguity: Setting Expectations to get what you want
Founding a Start Up: Mastering the art and science of sales
From the ground up: What does it take to build a successful e-commerce business?
Customer Success Management must-knows: Squeaky wheel gets the grease?
Putting your Growth Mindset to Practice: Building The Habit
The Creation of New Ventures: Serendipitous Moments, Serendipitous Connections
Stepping into Your Best Life with Kiki Athanas: Optimizing Health and Happiness