Designing your path takes boundaries and courage It has taken me most of my life to learn that setting boundaries and taking the time to dream and reflect before acting, are invaluable ways for me to move forward. It has allowed me to become more productive and happier as I continue on my personal and professional journey.
Leading Change 2021 Conference Reflection I gravitate towards events and programs that bring together youth to educate, encourage and amplify the voices of next-generation leaders; that’s largely a reason I was drawn to Venture for Canada’s fellowship in 2020. Recently, I attended Leading Change Capital 2021— a Globe Capital conference forum.
The Importance of Perseverance In our life path, we often come across obstacles and can feel like giving up. However, I've found that positively reframing your thoughts and consistently working towards your goals help with feelings of defeat when things don’t go as planned.
The ROI of Creativity Here's how leaders can learn the benefits of innovation and how to foster an atmosphere of creativity in their teams.
Think Longer “The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once.” - Einstein. An early mentor at one of my internships gave me the advice to “Think Longer”. It might be the best piece of advice I failed to take seriously.
Should I Have A Personal Brand (And If So, Where Do I Start) There’s a professional development trend going around that’s been widely misunderstood. Many fantasize about having it. Few follow through on building it. And even fewer do the work upfront to define what their end-goal is. 
Ongoing Celebration’s of Black Leaders and Black History after Black History Month Often when February comes to a close, so does the celebration of Black History Month in Canada. This year we saw extraordinary efforts, workshops, and events that elevated Black womxn, entrepreneurs, and founders.
Reflections from an Untraditional Path and Breaking Down Stereotypes I’m Brittany. I graduated with a BSc in Psychology and Neuroscience, became a VFC Fellow in 2017, and worked a sales job for two years. I am now a software engineer working at a financial technology company in Toronto. These are my four reflections from my journey into the dev world thus far.
5 Books I loved in 2020 | VFC CEOs Picks Given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and related public health restrictions, I’ve spent more time at home this year than ever before.
The Gift of Community | Venture for Canada 2020 Gift Guide Shop local this Holiday Season. We’ve all heard it. But did you know the VFC Community is full of artisans, services and products that would make the perfect gift? Plus, they're local, too. Give the gift of community by supporting VFC Alumni, Partner Employers and the greater VFC Community. 
5 Must-Haves to Set Yourself Up for A New Role in our new Virtual Work Reality If you’re lucky enough to land a new job during the pandemic, you’ll likely be starting the role while working virtually. Transitioning to remote work can definitely be a struggle, and joining an organization while working virtually comes with its own separate set of challenges.
WEATHERING THE PANDEMIC: How employers dealt with the COVID-19 forecast History shows that crisis breeds innovation. Venture for Canada has the unique privilege of connecting startups with young talent, and supporting their training.