Tech Industry Warns That More Remote-Work Jobs Are Headed Out Of U.S. Worker shortages, limited immigration in the U.S. may favour jobs in Canada and elsewhere
A Year in Books VFC Founder and CEO Scott Stirrett ends 2022 by reviewing the 35 books he read over the past year and identifies his nine favourites. Click here to review the high-level Goodreads description of each work, followed by Scott's comments on why he recommends the book. Happy reading!
Fahd AlHattab: Becoming a better leader and manager
Venture for Canada hosts conference to tackle intergenerational workforce challenges Venture for Canada announced its second annual All Things People Conference. All Things People 2023 aims to break down generational stereotypes and provide actionable insights or tools to managers and leaders through workshops, keynotes and stage talks from 40+ industry leaders.
Todd Finch: Building Concrete Habits
Choose Your Fellow: Analiz Ochoa
Immigrants face crisis of the withering Canadian dream A survey found immigrants perceive the Canadian job market as exclusionary and the costs of living and home ownership prohibitive. They aren’t wrong.
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Vicki Saunders: Re-Imagine the System
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