Alison Loat: Easy to start, Hard to Grow and Build
Choose Your Fellow: Anamika Saxena Connectors extroverted people who seem to know everyone and are constantly making connections with others. Most of the jobs they acquire are through their network, and they can be active LinkedIn users. There is a large variety of connectors; some are college graduates with a 3-year degree in cooking, some are self-taught coders, and others may even have an entire drawer full of business cards. So we get to sit down with Anamika to understand how she's a Connector.
RBC Inclusive Entrepreneurship Award Goes to Forty, Venture for Canada Fellows Since 2017, RBC Future Launch has supported Venture for Canada's Fellowship Program. The RBC Fellow Honorary Award is a recognition award for Fellows who are passionate about entrepreneurship and showcase inclusive leadership traits in their peer cohort.
Afraj Gill: Health , Wealth and Happiness
Venture for Canada receives an additional $23.2 million in funding from The Government of Canada Funding will provide 6,000+ post-secondary students the opportunity to develop entrepreneurial skills by working at Canadian small and medium sized businesses.
Venture for Canada reçoit un financement supplémentaire de 23,3 millions de dollars du gouvernement du Canada Le financement permettra à plus de 6 000 étudiants de niveau postsecondaire d’acquérir des compétences entrepreneuriales en travaillant dans des petites et moyennes entreprises canadiennes.
VFC Announces the 2021 Cohort Recipients of the TD Clean Prosperity Awards Venture for Canada (VFC) is thrilled to announce the 2021 Cohort recipients of the TD Clean Prosperity Awards.
How an Entrepreneurial Mindset Can Accelerate Your Career The world of business is unpredictable, and an entrepreneurial mindset can help you to effectively respond to and learn from inevitable setbacks. Whether you want to advance in your current career, pursue a new field, or start your own business, an entrepreneurial mindset is a necessary skill set to accelerate your career forward. Here's what it takes:
Not just for coffee runs; the benefits of hiring student interns Interns are stereotypically known for conducting coffee runs, filing and organizing documents, and doing the mundane tasks that no one else really wants to do. What a missed opportunity. The impact that students and recent grads can have on your bottom line, company culture and growth is invaluable, especially at a small, growing company.
Mohammed Ghalayini: You Have Time to Course Correct
The Life-Long Learner The Life-Long Learner is an enthusiastic, open-minded individual that loves looking for opportunities to try new things. They love to read a good self-help book (or listen to an informative podcast if reading’s not their thing) because they’re information absorbers.
The Connector The Connector is a social butterfly through their involvement in student councils, loves attending provincial/national level case competitions, supporter/member of the LGBTQ+ community, or through their social media presence. Connectors are active media users from posting regularly on social media, to always responding to your Instagram stories, and many have a large following themselves.