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Venture for Canada announces recipients of 2023 RBC Inclusive Entrepreneurship Award The RBC Inclusive Entrepreneurship Award is a recognition award for Fellows who are ambitious recent graduates from Canadian post-secondary institutions, work in the startup sector, are leaders in their communities and have demonstrated entrepreneurial characteristics.
Venture for Canada and Propel Campus Partner to Empower the Next Generation of Talent Venture for Canada and Propel Campus unveil a strategic partnership to accelerate career development for students. Through Propel's platform, students can now easily access paid work opportunities, secure internships, and further their professional skills.
The Upside Foundation Board of Directors Appoints Former Venture For Canada Leader Juanita Lee-Garcia, Executive Director The Board of Directors and leadership at Venture for Canada (VFC) congratulated former leader Juanita Lee-Garcia on her appointment as Executive Director of The Upside Foundation of Canada as the public foundation looks to expand its reach across Canada as of November 15, 2022.
Venture for Canada hosts conference to tackle intergenerational workforce challenges Venture for Canada announced its second annual All Things People Conference. All Things People 2023 aims to break down generational stereotypes and provide actionable insights or tools to managers and leaders through workshops, keynotes and stage talks from 40+ industry leaders.
Venture for Canada receives an additional $23.2 million in funding from The Government of Canada Funding will provide 6,000+ post-secondary students the opportunity to develop entrepreneurial skills by working at Canadian small and medium sized businesses.
VFC Announces the 2021 Cohort Recipients of the TD Clean Prosperity Awards Venture for Canada (VFC) is thrilled to announce the 2021 Cohort recipients of the TD Clean Prosperity Awards.
Venture for Canada releases 2021 Impact Report; supporting over 3,000 young, entrepreneurial careers
Venture for Canada Launches 2022-3 Employer Advisory Council 2022 VFC EAC Members
‘Hackathon’ seeks solutions to hospitality, retail labour shortages
Venture for Canada partners with CEWIL Canada Venture for Canada is delighted to announce their recent partnership with Co-operative Education and Work-Integrated Learning Canada (CEWIL Canada).