Jessica Bosman & Bryn Davis Williams: Transforming the Apparel Industry One Bra at a Time

portrait of Jessica Bosman & Bryn Davis Williams
Jessica Bosman & Bryn Davis Williams are the co-founders of DOUBL. This startup isn’t just changing how we think about clothing; it's pioneering a future where apparel, starting with bras, is made to measure and ordered from the palm of your hand. In this episode, discover how Jessica and Bryn leverage advanced technology to address long-standing issues in retail. The founders share their journey from a business school project to tackling the static retail landscape, driven by the desire to innovate a stagnant industry. They discuss the challenges of custom manufacturing, the ethics of sourcing, and their vision for a sizeless, sustainable fashion world. Get ready for a deep dive into the intricacies of building a brand, the importance of focus, and how DOUBL is set to disrupt traditional retail models, making personalized, ethical apparel the norm.

5 Key Takeaways:

  1. Innovating a Stagnant Industry: Did you know that over 50% of women don’t fit into standard bra sizes? Jessica and Bryn are tackling the outdated sizing system of the apparel industry, starting with bras of course, by using advanced technology for custom-made products.
  2. Sustainable and Ethical Manufacturing: Jessica and Bryn are committed to sustainability and ethical manufacturing, working with a specialized factory in Sri Lanka to reduce inventory waste through on-demand manufacturing.
  3. Building a Strong Brand: Jessica and Bryn emphasize the importance of creating a focused brand identity that resonates with consumers and breaks away from traditional stereotypes, aiming for an empowered future.
  4. Focus on One Pillar: Jessica and Bryn both agree that the best way to grow an apparel company is to focus on one pillar, just like Lululemon focused on yoga apparel at the beginning before introducing apparel for men and running. Once you’ve grown, then you can add in other products for the same target market.
  5. Have a Future Vision: The co-founders envision DOUBL expanding beyond bras into a broader range of made-to-measure apparel, leveraging ecommerce and experiential brick-and-mortar stores to offer a unique shopping experience.

Show Notes

[00:00:30] Introduction of DOUBL, co-founded by Jessica Bosman & Bryn Davis Williams, an advanced apparel company solving retail problems with technology.

[00:01:02] The inspiration behind DOUBL and the unchanging bra sizing system of the retail industry.

[00:02:24] Jessica and Bryn’s mission to innovate the stagnant apparel industry.

[00:03:30] The technological breakthroughs enabling custom bra manufacturing.

[00:05:05] Insights into the custom manufacturing process of DOUBL bras.

[00:06:29] The challenge of keeping costs down while offering custom apparel.

[00:07:35] Jessica and Bryn’s partnership with a specialized factory in Sri Lanka.

[00:09:51] Protecting intellectual property in the apparel industry.

[00:13:41] Building a strong brand and community around DOUBL.

[00:19:25] The significance of a focused brand identity in the apparel market.

[00:21:07] DOUBL’s brand ethos of breaking out of defined boxes and stereotypes for women.

[00:26:52] The future vision of DOUBL and expanding into a broader market of made-to-measure apparel.

[00:30:02] The potential market size for made-to-measure bras.

[00:34:55] The high profit margins typical in the apparel industry and DOUBL’s unique business model.

[00:39:53] Jessica and Bryn’s plans for ecommerce, experiential brick-and-mortar stores, and future expansion.

[00:40:28] Closing thoughts on the importance of consumer choice in shaping the future of apparel.