Reuven Ashtar: Top Tips for Influencers, Creators & Talent Managers

portrait of Reuven Ashtar
Reuven Ashtar Meet Reuven Ashtar, CEO of Never Napping. This episode delves into Reuven’s diverse career, transitioning from law to becoming a key player in the YouTube and influencer sphere. Gain insider insights into what it takes to be a successful talent manager in the ever-evolving landscape of social media. Learn about the challenges and triumphs of managing top YouTubers and influencers, understanding their unique needs, and crafting strategies that resonate with a digital-first audience. Reuven shares invaluable tips for aspiring influencers and content creators on how to build a compelling online presence, make impactful content, and harness the power of digital platforms. Whether you’re a budding YouTuber, an aspiring influencer, or simply fascinated by the mechanics of digital fame, this episode is a treasure trove of practical wisdom and industry secrets.

5 Key Takeaways:

  1. Diverse Backgrounds Fuel Success: Reuven’s transition from law to talent management highlights the value of a multifaceted career path in understanding and navigating the digital landscape.
  2. The Number of Followers Isn’t Everything: Potential and the ability to take direction and feedback (coachability) are critical for digital creators aiming for long-term success.
  3. Adaptability is Key: The digital world is constantly changing, and success requires creators and managers alike to be flexible and platform agnostic.
  4. Personal Branding Matters: In the digital age, personal branding is as crucial as the content itself. It’s essential for creators to resonate with both current and potential audiences.
  5. Strategic Management is Multifaceted: Talent management involves a delicate balance of negotiation, strategy, personal advice, and foresight to navigate the complex digital ecosystem.

Show Notes 

[00:00:00] Introduction of Reuven Ashtar, CEO of Never Napping, and his unique career path from law to talent management in the digital creator sphere.

[00:02:00] Reuven shares his journey from an interest in law to discovering his passion for intellectual property and its relevance in today’s digital age.

[00:04:00] Insight into the evolving nomenclature of digital creators and Reuven’s work with influencers across various platforms.

[00:08:00] The criteria Reuven looks for in digital creators and the importance of potential and coachability in aspiring talent.

[00:12:00] Common mistakes digital creators make, including sticking to a formula and the need for innovation and evolution in content creation.

[00:16:00] Discussion on the importance of being platform agnostic and adapting content strategy to the ever-changing digital landscape.

[00:20:00] Reuven and Scott discuss the concept of personal branding and its significance in the digital creator industry.

[00:28:00] A day in the life of a talent manager: from negotiating deals and managing crises to offering life advice and strategic planning.

[00:36:00] Skills required to be a successful talent manager, including negotiation, people management, and adaptability.

[00:43:00] Advice for young people aspiring to become talent managers: the importance of reading, learning, and adding value to artists’ careers.