Tamara Vrooman: Leading at YVR Airport with a Curious Mind

portrait of Tamara Vrooman
Tamara Vrooman Embark on a journey of leadership with Tamara Vrooman, CEO of Vancouver International Airport (YVR). This conversation takes flight into the essence of curiosity-driven leadership, illustrating how Tamara's inquisitive nature has fueled her rise across varied sectors, culminating in her role at YVR. We explore how her curiosity not only elevates her management style but also shapes the future of aviation at one of Canada's busiest airports. Get ready for a deep dive into the power of curiosity in leadership, far beyond the runways of YVR.

5 Tips for Curiosity-Driven Leadership:

  1. Curiosity as a Leadership Foundation: Tamara Vrooman emphasizes that curiosity is crucial for leadership success, driving the willingness to explore, learn, and innovate.
  2. Curiosity Is Like a Muscle: From early reading with her grandmother, cross-training in various interests to trying new restaurants and attending different concerts, Tamara demonstrates that curiosity can be learned and strengthened with practice. 
  3. Curiosity in Transitioning Sectors: Tamara’s career transitions from public service to leading a credit union, and now an airport, underscore the value of curiosity in navigating diverse sectors successfully.
  4. Impact of Curiosity on Organizational Innovation: At Vancity and YVR, Tamara’s curiosity led to significant innovations, from financial products addressing social issues to sustainability initiatives in aviation.
  5. Curiosity Is the Key to Empathy: Tamara’s stories highlight how curiosity not only drives improvement and innovation but also fosters resilience and empathy, essential qualities for effective leadership.

Show Notes 

[00:00:00] Introduction of Tamara Vrooman and her leadership journey.

[00:00:55] Tamara’s definition of curiosity and its importance in leadership.

[00:02:02] Early demonstration of curiosity in Tamara’s life.

[00:03:19] Refining the practice of curiosity through cross-training in various interests.

[00:04:29] Influence of Tamara’s grandmother on cultivating curiosity.

[00:06:08] Role models of curiosity in Tamara’s career.

[00:08:15] How education fostered Tamara’s curiosity.

[00:11:08] Transition from history to understanding finance’s societal impact.

[00:12:53] Balancing activism and management in large institutions.

[00:15:45] Example of curiosity in action during Tamara’s tenure as Deputy Minister of Finance in BC.

[00:18:35] Link between curiosity and self-awareness.

[00:21:25] Leadership and curiosity at Vancity.

[00:26:27] Curiosity-driven initiatives at YVR.