Todd Finch: Building Concrete Habits

portrait of Todd Finch
Todd Finch Todd Finch is the Founder & CEO of The Xchange Company, a Venture Corporation developing a platform to reimagine the way people and capital connect to accelerate value. Todd is a technology entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience building, coaching and investing in high growth technology businesses that drive transformational market opportunities.

What’s the future of leadership with all of this change, and with all of this innovation how does the human fare and what does leadership look like?

  • I’m writing a book called The Leadership of One: the Future of Leadership in a decentralized world. It’s really tapping on this common denominator that we all have.
  • The lowest common denominator of this life is called energy.  Right down to the cellular level.
  • What drives the cell is energy particles moving within, and so if we can align using simple language, that actually doesn’t depend or rely on words at all but relies on a factual platform like energy to lead to follow and to understand the world around us. 
  • Energy acts as a platform to bring all of the other complexities in leadership to bear because leadership is very multi-dimensional. It’s not about one thing, it’s not about standing in front of a crowd, and being a great orator or being a good planner.
  • It’s about physiology, it’s about neurology. It’s about spirituality, it’s about wellness. The journey to becoming a great leader is an ongoing thing.

Why do you think adaptability is a particularly important entrepreneurial skill?

  • Darwin said that it’s not the strong, the most intelligent, or the fastest. It’s the most adaptable people that are going to survive because change is the only constant in our lives.
  • Change within us it’s just there and it is accelerating. It’s accelerating at a rapid pace as we’re seeing when there’s an alignment like there has been for the last 20 years. Where everybody’s focused on economic development and everyone fell on building wealth as nations as individuals as companies it’s great.
  • It’s starting to shift and the global village is becoming fragmented. The competitive advantage before is now possibly an enemy of economic growth in the longer term.  This shift in our society is going to put a lot of stress and pressure on what we understand today and what we know. What we have to do is organize ourselves as individuals.
  • First, to be able to understand and manage that change, not as good or bad, but as a reality that can introduce opportunity, and it can introduce the ability for you to grow. Because that change gives you a different dimension, it gives you a different understanding.