Lourdes Juan: Practical Tips for Serial Entrepreneurship

portrait of Lourdes Juan
Lourdes Juan Dive into the world of serial entrepreneurship with Lourdes Juan, a mastermind behind several successful businesses. In this episode, Lourdes reveals her secrets to juggling multiple ventures, from urban planning to technology. Learn how she prioritizes tasks, manages time, and selects the right team for each unique project. Discover her approach to problem-solving and innovation, and how these skills are crucial in different sectors. Lourdes also shares personal insights on maintaining mental health amidst the chaos of entrepreneurship and the significance of rituals in her daily routine. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or looking to expand your business portfolio, this episode is packed with actionable strategies and personal anecdotes to guide you in managing multiple ventures effectively.

5 Key Takeaways 

  1. Serial Entrepreneurship: Lourdes proves that you can successfully run multiple businesses during different stages at the same time. It’s not easy but with discipline and a strong work ethic it can be done. 
  2. Urban Planning and Entrepreneurship: Her background in urban planning provides a unique perspective on creating sustainable and impactful businesses. It allows her to zoom out and think long term. 
  3. Building a Strong Team: Identifying and collaborating with the right people is crucial for managing multiple ventures. She looks for individuals who are solutions and impact-focused. 
  4.  Importance of Rituals: Incorporating intentional rituals rather than running on autopilot with habits has been a game changer.
  5. Time Management Master: Juggling multiple businesses requires strong time management skills. Her best advice? Instead of task switching, try having dedicated days for creative work (e.g. marketing) and ones for analytical work (e.g. financial projections).

Show Notes 

[00:00:00] Introduction to Lourdes Juan and the topic of serial entrepreneurship.

[00:01:00] Lourdes shares her journey and the organizations she founded.

[00:04:00] How urban planning influences her entrepreneurial mindset.

[00:08:00] The impact of urban planning on creating environments conducive to entrepreneurship.

[00:10:00] The influence of family on Lourdes’s view of entrepreneurship.

[00:14:00] The importance of community in Lourdes’s ventures.

[00:17:00] Advantages and challenges of managing multiple businesses.

[00:19:00] Time management strategies for serial entrepreneurs.

[00:24:00] Lourdes’s relationship with technology and email.

[00:28:00] Misconceptions about running multiple organizations.

[00:31:00] The joy of founding and the problem-solving aspect of entrepreneurship.

[00:34:00] The origins of unique business ideas like the Asian street food night market.

[00:37:00] Recommended readings for entrepreneurs.

[00:39:00] Closing thoughts on rituals versus habits in entrepreneurship.

Resources & Further Reading
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Works by Jane Jacobs and April Dunford Jane Jacobs was a Canadian-American journalist, author, and activist who devoted her life to studying cities and strongly vouched for the mindful development of cities. Her most influential book is "The Death and Life of Great American Cities." April Dunford is an executive consultant, speaker, and author who helps B2B tech companies position their products to drive more revenue. She’s written "Sales Pitch: How to Craft a Story to Stand Out and Win" and "Obviously Awesome: How to Nail Product Positioning so Customers Get It, Buy It, Love It."
Poetry by Mary Oliver Mary’s poems focus on the quiet aspects of nature like motionless ponds, and hummingbirds. Her works include "Dog Songs" and "A Thousand Mornings."