Mohammed Ghalayini: You Have Time to Course Correct
The Life-Long Learner The Life-Long Learner is an enthusiastic, open-minded individual that loves looking for opportunities to try new things. They love to read a good self-help book (or listen to an informative podcast if reading’s not their thing) because they’re information absorbers.
The Connector The Connector is a social butterfly through their involvement in student councils, loves attending provincial/national level case competitions, supporter/member of the LGBTQ+ community, or through their social media presence. Connectors are active media users from posting regularly on social media, to always responding to your Instagram stories, and many have a large following themselves.
The Innovator The Innovator is someone with an eclectic personality who is very adventurous and seeks a thrill. They are known for being very passionate about operational efficiency and their creative solutions to problems through thinking outside the box.
The Leader The Leader always seeks to bring people together through vulnerability and humour. They’re typically not the ones to suggest an outing (but they will convince everyone else to join). They always look for ways to bring people together and find happiness and inspiration from uplifting others and watching them succeed.
What Makes a High-Performing Team In the startup industry, people tend to believe if you throw a group of people together and give them a task to complete, they’ll figure out how to get it done with minimal effort. This isn’t the case. A guest article by our friends at Unicorn Labs.
How to build dynamic and equitable ecosystems by leveraging data, creating stronger value propositions, and leaning into collective impact In April 2022, Venture for Canada attended the Canadian Accelerator + Incubator Network (CAIN) Summit. We've summarized our takeaways and resources using the L.O.V.E framework.
Markus Frind - Continual Improvement
Onboarding Series Part 3: The First Month, A Success For All In part 1 of this three-part series, we cover the importance of intentional onboarding progress; in part 2, we explain the pre-boarding phase and how focusing on the gap between offer and start date makes a huge difference for your team and managers. Here, we cover tips for success for your new hires in the first week and the first month to ramp up and provide within the first 30-days.
Onboarding Series Part 2: Pre-Boarding, Building a Strong Foundation Part 1 of this series introduces the importance of why the onboarding process should be intentional. In Part 2, we introduce the "pre-boarding phase." We've developed a few resources you can access in our open-source drive to serve as the building blocks of your onboarding process.
Onboarding Series Part 1: Why It Matters, A Master-Checklist Resource We should all care about onboarding. Leverage our research, best practices, tips and tools to avoid common mistakes young organizations make when they design and roll out their onboarding process.
Applying Design Thinking Frameworks to Program Co-Creation An Update on the Design Phase of VFC’s Reskilling Retail Workers Project. You'll learn more about how we've created an innovative model design process that involves a consortium of cross-sector leaders, inclusive design, extensive literature reviews, and data validation.