What Does Your Coffee Choice Reveal About Your Entrepreneurial Spirit?

Morning routines vary, but for many, it begins with a warm cup of motivation – coffee. Beyond its rejuvenating effects, your coffee preference might just spill the beans about the kind of entrepreneur you are.

At Venture for Canada’s Fellowship Program, we’ve matched our four key personas with distinct coffee styles. Take a sip and discover yours.


Leader’s Classic Black

The Choice: A no-nonsense, straightforward black coffee.

What It Says: Like your coffee, you’re all about clarity and efficiency. Just as black coffee kick-starts the day, you energize those around you, guiding them to excel with your clear vision.


Life-Long Learner Latte 

The Choice: A carefully crafted latte, perhaps with a dash of cinnamon.

What it Says: Your coffee choice reflects your insatiable curiosity. Just as you enjoy the nuanced layers of a latte, you’re always eager to dive deep, exploring multiple facets of any topic or venture.


Innovator’s Cold Brew

The Choice: A bold, cold brew coffee.

What it Says: You’re a trendsetter and an innovator. You’re not afraid to experiment or take the road less traveled. Your creativity in problem-solving is as refreshing as your coffee choice.


Connector’s Cappuccino

The Choice: A frothy cappuccino, the perfect blend of coffee and milk.

What it Says: Your cappuccino reflects the harmony you create by bringing people together. Every layer reflects the depth and variety of the connections you cultivate around you.

So, What’s Your Coffee Match?

Now that you’ve discovered your coffee persona, what’s next? Whether you see yourself as a Leader, Life-Long Learner, Innovator, or Connector, Venture for Canada’s Fellowship Program believes in harnessing your unique strengths.

Apply now and take the first step toward brewing your entrepreneurial potential.

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