#ATP22: Is Work Working?

Burnout. Stress. Quiet quitting. Watch Is Working Working? with keynote speaker Avery Francis (Founder and CEO @ Bloom), who details an overwhelming realization that we can all do better at engaging, hiring, and retaining top talent.

"Looking at the history of work, it wasn't built for all of us, and this is why it doesn't work for everyone. The good news is, we can break old habits and practice more inclusive ones."

Key takeaways from the session:

  1. The future of work is a practice, not a prediction.
    A practice of dismantling systems of oppression and building work that works for everyone.
  2. Work is boring.
    It holds people back from developing their characteristics and personalities.
  3. To change work forever, we need social solidarity for everyone.
    We have a tremendous capacity to change overnight, and this can be applied to systems of oppression just as it was to pandemic responses like working from home.

About All Things People: 

All Things People is Venture for Canada’s annual conference. The 2023 conference took place on April 4, 2023, at Toronto Metropolitan University, with the theme of unlocking the potential of multigenerational teams.

All Things People 2023 aimed to break down generational stereotypes and provide actionable insights or tools to managers and leaders through workshops, keynotes and stage talks. The conference featured 40+ industry speakers and experts, like Hamza Khan, Future of Work expert and author of Leadership, Reinvented, and Jenn Harper, Founder and CEO of Cheekbone Beauty.

The first All Things People was hosted virtually in March 2022, and had nearly 300 attendees. Focused on implementing diversity, equity and inclusion best practices at startups, over 40 speakers hosted workshops, keynotes and networking sessions.

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About Venture for Canada: 

Venture for Canada is a national charity focused on accelerating the careers of Canadian youth through immersive opportunities at innovative startups and small businesses. Through our three core programs—Intrapreneurship, Internship, and Fellowship—young Canadians gain the skills, experience, and networks they need to lead more entrepreneurial and impactful careers. In 2022, Venture for Canada supported over 1,000 startups and small businesses across Canada to hire entrepreneurial young Canadians. 

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