Venture for Canada Welcomes New Board Member, Irfhan Rawji Venture for Canada is excited to announce the appointment of Irfhan Rawji, the Founder & CEO of MobSquad, to VFC’s Board of Directors.
TD Clean Prosperity Honorary Awards Announced by Venture for Canada Venture for Canada, a national charity that accelerates the careers of Canadian youth by providing immersive learning opportunities at Canadian startups and small businesses, has announced the recipients of the TD Clean Prosperity Honorary Awards.
3 Shifts in the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem since Founding VFC In May 2013, I graduated from Georgetown University and shortly afterward moved to Jersey City to set up my first "adult" apartment. One day while arranging Ikea furniture, I thought about an acquaintance who was participating in the Venture for America Fellowship Program and wondered to myself, "why isn't there a Venture for Canada?" 
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RBC Future Launch Honorary Awards Announced by Venture for Canada Venture for Canada (VFC) and RBC are continuing a five year collaboration, as fifteen participants in the Venture for Canada Fellowship Program have been selected to receive the RBC Future Launch Venture for Canada Honorary Awards. The recipients of the award were nominated by their peers across the country.
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5 Tips for Entrepreneurs on How to Work Effectively with a Remote Team Coronavirus has caused remote work to become much more common in a very short period of time, meaning every business owner must do their best to adapt. If there’s ever been a time to focus on making change happen within your organization, it’s now.
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