5 Must-Haves to Set Yourself Up for A New Role in our new Virtual Work Reality If you’re lucky enough to land a new job during the pandemic, you’ll likely be starting the role while working virtually. Transitioning to remote work can definitely be a struggle, and joining an organization while working virtually comes with its own separate set of challenges.
WEATHERING THE PANDEMIC: How employers dealt with the COVID-19 forecast History shows that crisis breeds innovation. Venture for Canada has the unique privilege of connecting startups with young talent, and supporting their training.
Books that Bind us and the Reason to Read + Join a Bookclub (or not!) Twelve years ago my father had one big concern about my future. It wasn’t a typical concern about my career path, my scholastic achievement, or the woes of teenagehood. His concern was one entirely about my hatred of reading. 
The Non-Linear Paths towards Entrepreneurship and Pit-Stops Along the Way Entrepreneurial solutions to address local problems can come from anywhere - government, private sector, or NGOs. There are plenty of people working within various levels of government who are taking an entrepreneurial approach to addressing the challenges that they see.
Pick a Direction and Walk On July 29, 2020, like most technophiles with a day job, I put my work computer on split-screen to watch the U.S. senate absolutely roast Silicon Valley’s most elite: Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Apple’s Tim Cook, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Google’s Sundar Pichai.
Venture for Canada Announces Members of its 2nd Alumni Council Venture for Canada (VFC) is excited to announce the committee members of its 2021 Alumni Council. For its second year of operations, the council has expanded its seats from five members to seven members to serve the growing VFC Fellowship community. 
VFC supports over 1500 student jobs with Internship + Entrepreneurial Training program Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) expanded their partnership with Venture for Canada (VFC) in August 2020, providing a total of $20 million to date in funding for student internships and entrepreneurial training as part of the Federal Government’s Student Work Placement Program (SWPP). 
Why investors should put their money in an often under-looked area Technological innovations have taken us by storm. Smart technology and digital tools have created a world of opportunities and employment in several industries. Across cities, tech-hubs exist and grapple with some of the most complex and straightforward challenges we face - always coming up with new answers to old problems.
The Active Work of Imagining Your #DreamJob and Entrepreneurial Career I decided pretty early in my University degree that what I was studying was not a good fit for me. Much to the dismay of my parents, who immigrated to North America in early 2005 from Nigeria with myself and three siblings, I realized in the summer of 2015 that I was not passionate about my degree in Mechanical Engineering.
A 2020 Crash Course: Three methods for Leading with empathy as a (new) SDR during a global pandemic
The Leisure Clash Kick in my door on any given workday, and you would only be able to tell if I’m at work or not based on which computer I’m using. This isn’t uncommon. Remote workers everywhere are making the basic distinction between work and leisure in their space, in their time, or out of thin air. 
Venture for Canada announces the VFC Quebec Advisory Council Venture for Canada (VFC) announced the launch of the VFC Quebec Advisory Council. The entrepreneurs, innovation ecosystem leaders, and post-secondary representatives who serve on the council will work together for 16-months to advise VFC on how to grow its social impact into Quebec. The council members include representatives from organizations such as Bonjour Startup Montreal, Element AI, and L’Université de Sherbrooke.