The Connector

The Connector is a social butterfly through their involvement in student councils, love for attending provincial or national level case competitions, being a supporter/member of the LGBTQ+ community, or through their social media presence. Connectors are active media users, from posting regularly on social media to always responding to your Instagram stories, and many even have a large following themselves. These are very extroverted people who seem to know everyone and are constantly making connections with others. Most of the jobs they acquire are through their network, and they can be active LinkedIn users. There is a large variety of connectors; some are college graduates with a 3-year degree in cooking, some are self-taught coders, and others may even have an entire drawer full of business cards. Are you a Connector?

Reem Zaid stood out to us as a Fellow demonstrating exactly what it means to be a Connector. Reem recently graduated from Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, where she received s a BBA in Supply Chain Management. When we asked Reem what it meant to her to be a connector, here’s what she had to say:

"Being the Connector is something magical. It has its own power and influence among people. Living in Canada didn’t only show me its importance, but made me realize my difference and responsibility to create my own impact purposefully. Within that, I understood how Connector works; simply by building bridges to people, ideas and actions."

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Christina Morgan is a young marketing & design professional, and intern at Venture for Canada.