Christina Morgan is a young marketing & design professional, and intern at Venture for Canada. 
Not just for coffee runs; the benefits of hiring student interns Interns are stereotypically known for conducting coffee runs, filing and organizing documents, and doing the mundane tasks that no one else really wants to do. What a missed opportunity. The impact that students and recent grads can have on your bottom line, company culture and growth is invaluable, especially at a small, growing company.
The Life-Long Learner The Life-Long Learner is an enthusiastic, open-minded individual that loves looking for opportunities to try new things. They love to read a good self-help book (or listen to an informative podcast if reading’s not their thing) because they’re information absorbers.
The Connector The Connector is a social butterfly through their involvement in student councils, loves attending provincial/national level case competitions, supporter/member of the LGBTQ+ community, or through their social media presence. Connectors are active media users from posting regularly on social media, to always responding to your Instagram stories, and many have a large following themselves.
The Innovator The Innovator is someone with an eclectic personality who is very adventurous and seeks a thrill. They are known for being very passionate about operational efficiency and their creative solutions to problems through thinking outside the box.