The Unconventional Jobseeker’s Guide To Landing Your Dream Role

The job market is

ever-evolving and right now it’s challenging – to say the least.

The path to finding your dream job seems elusive more than ever before. With the rapid pace of change in industries and job roles, thanks to advances in tech, sustainability efforts, and more people leaving the job market because of retirement, traditional advice on job seeking can feel outdated and ineffective. Blah, who needs that?

In this article, we’re venturing (pun intended) beyond the conventional wisdom and exploring controversial job-seeking advice that could be your golden ticket to securing the position you’ve always dreamed of. We’ll dive into strategies, not just tips that may raise a few eyebrows but have the potential to set you apart in a crowded job market. So, buckle up and prepare to look at your job hunt through a lens you might not have considered before.

1. Apply for the Job you Want

When you see a job posting with a daunting list of qualifications don’t automatically pass on it. Say for instance you meet five out of the eight qualifications or even half the qualifications, that’s still better than none. We want you to challenge the notion of only applying for jobs where you meet 100% of the qualifications. By taking a chance and applying for roles that stretch your skills or experience, you can demonstrate your potential and enthusiasm for learning and growth. Who knows, you might just surprise yourself and be exactly what that company is looking for. 😉

2. Challenge the Traditional Career Path

We’ve all been told to get some form of higher education, work a 9-5 in the same industry, and then retire at some point (we’re falling asleep just thinking about this). But who says you can’t challenge the status quo?! Shake things up, get an internship, take an online course, take on projects that are outside of your area of expertise. Go beyond your comfort zone even further by taking some detours or checking out alternative job options because it can lead you to some awesome opportunities you never knew existed. Embrace change and grow in ways you never imagined.

3. Embrace Job Hopping

Yup, you read that right (and maybe you weren’t surprised because of what we just said about challenging the status quo). Contrary to popular belief, frequent job changes aren’t detrimental to your career; in fact, they’re beneficial. Long gone are the days when individuals stay at companies for 10+ years or at one company until they retire. Moving between roles or companies can give you diverse experiences, expand your skill sets, and increase your earning potential! So, don’t be afraid to mix things up.

4. Get Paid for Your Work

You can learn something new and get paid for it. Respect your worth and get paid opportunities that help you grow financially and professionally. Bonus tip: you can focus on developing your skills in ways tailored for you by using Venture for Canada’s Intrapreneurship and Internship Programs that are specifically designed for students to gain valuable, real-world skills and get paid up to $22/hour while doing it. Cha-ching! 💸

5. Send Follow-Up Messages and Status Check-Ins

We all know it’s best practice to follow up an interview with a thank you email, but what happens if you get ghosted and never hear back from the interviewers? Take charge and follow up with the hiring manager asking for a job status check-in. While persistence could be perceived as being a nuisance, it actually demonstrates your genuine interest and commitment to the position. Plus, you have nothing to lose!

6. Be Yourself

Sounds like a cliché, but it’s true! Instead of trying to mold yourself into what you think the hiring manager wants with “perfect” scripted answers, be yourself. Prioritize authenticity and transparency during interviews by answering truthfully and showing your personality. If you’ve never worked with a project management system before, don’t say you have; tell them the truth and that you’re willing to learn (pro tip: talk about a time you learned a new system and how much you enjoyed it). Remember that hard skills like writing, design, and computer skills can be taught, so let your soft skills like empathy, kindness, and communication really shine through. For the most part, companies are looking for individuals who not only fit into the workplace culture but add to it. ❤️

Embarking on the journey to find your dream job can often feel like navigating through a dense fog – filled with unknowns.

However, we hope that with the unconventional job advice we shared, you might just find that beacon of light (and hope) to guide you to exactly where you want to be. Whether it’s applying for a position where you only meet 1/3 of the qualifications, embracing strategic job hopping for career growth, or staying true to your authentic self during interviews, each piece of advice challenges traditional norms in pursuit of a more fulfilling career. Remember, the job market is changing faster than our social media algorithms, and so should our approaches to engaging with it.  By daring to step outside the conventional norms, you not only enhance your professional journey but also contribute to a broader shift in how we define success and fulfillment in our careers.

Embrace these pieces of advice not as mere suggestions but as stepping stones towards realizing your true potential in the workplace. After all, the dream job isn’t about the destination but the transformative journey to getting there.

Rebecca Scott