The Whole is Better than the Sum of Its Parts | How will you become a great company?

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If you’re curious to know more about where you’re at and the type of company you’re currently building vs what you might want, we can walk you through a few quick steps to help you find more clarity and some actions you can take. 

Ask Yourself

  • Do you want to build a great company, not just scale a great product? 
  • Do you want to pursue extraordinary results or settle for “doing ok”?
  • Do you want to accelerate and have people thrive, or are you ok with mirroring the corporate world knowing you’re inevitably adding bureaucracy that will slow you down?

Imagine being admired by your peers: “Wow, they really built a great company, how did they scale the company and the people?” Yes, it is possible. But you have to grow your capability in managing polarities and finding ANDs, instead of just trading off between ORs. 

This is what we do. 

We enable founders to create better value faster by enabling distributed decision-making so teams can innovate and cut bureaucracy, and by lifting leadership to actually lead, not just run around solving problems. 

Vibrancy helps companies realize the full potential of people by grounding the company in purpose and belonging so the business can be guided by a strong north star, and people can bring their best to work.

We call what we do – amplifying people and amplifying value – to enable companies to accelerate and scale. 

All of this enables the company to operate more like an integrated fast adaptive networked organism, than a machine that bottlenecks and breaks down. This happens by working on these primary areas one small step at a time. Tactical, strategic, systemic.

Start Here

  1. 5 minute assessment to see what type of company you’re building vs what you want. 
  2. 20 minute meeting with a Vibrancy co-founder to understand your results and find small actions you can take. 

We’ve actually done it; we don’t just consult on it. 

Vibrancy is based in California, with co-founders located in California + Canada. We’re a dynamic combination of experience and expertise, thought leaders in the future (now) of work. We leverage modern org design, iterative implementation and grounding in purpose and belonging to help companies accelerate success with people. We have hands-on expertise and experience, including Airbnb, Morning Star, IBM, Film, Manufacturing, Financial Services and Tech. 

Via one of its co-founders, Vibrancy partners with Rhythmic Leader Science, a Canadian company focused on helping fast growing companies grow faster by integrating science to iterate and accelerate people performance. Based in Canada with co-founders in Saskatchewan and Texas, Rhythmic Leader also brings academic research-based work in leadership performance, and PhD in Human Resources Development.

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