Intrapreneurship: Program Updates April 2022


After an 8-month pilot and over 1500 project placements, we’re thrilled to bring back our Intrapreneurship Program. Our student participants and Project Partners provided us with excellent feedback on the first iteration of the program, and we’re excited to reflect their suggestions and experiences in a few program changes.

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General Updates

  • Projects begin every two months, starting in May 2022.
  • Projects are 60 hours per student over 7 weeks, no more choice of project lengths.
  • Projects will host 2-5 students 
  • Students will select the project they are most interested in (no longer matching) 
  • Students and project partners will sign new contracts each time they participate in the program.
  • We will be accepting project submissions through a user-friendly form!
    • Students and project partners will host their projects in their own project management and communication platforms that best fit their needs 
    • (Tip: Slack, Teams, Email, Zoom, Asana, WhatsApp are some handy tools that have worked well for teams in the past!) 

Project Partner Updates

  • Projects cannot be ‘mission critical’ for your organization
    • IE: No projects immediately vital to the functioning of your organization. We are looking for projects that allow students to get creative and innovative while bringing fresh perspectives that aren’t extremely time-sensitive.
  • Improved onboarding webinar for a better understanding of the project partners roles within the program and throughout their projects 
  • Project Partners are required to sign off on student hours on a weekly basis. 

Student Participation Updates

  • New mandatory Orientation webinar prior to starting projects
    • Students can expect to learn more about the program, and select the project they would like to complete during the webinar.
  • Students can participate in 2 projects per cohort.
  • If needed, students are required to communicate with their project partner directly if they are unable to complete their project and choose to withdraw from the program. 
  • Students are required to submit their hours on a weekly basis. 

Payment & Financial Updates

  • Increased wage of $18.50 per hour (previously $16.00 per hour).
    • Students will only be paid for the hours that project partners sign off on each week.
  • Payment information will be collected when students sign their program contract at the beginning of the program
    • Students cannot participate in their project unless they have filled out their payment form and signed their contract.
  • Students will be paid within 3 weeks of their submission of an Exit Survey instead of 6 weeks (45 days). 
  • Bursary to support program access will increase from $120 to $140, to support remote work.
    • Includes technology needs, child care, or other remote work supports.