3 Quebec-Based Brands to Watch in 2024

It’s no surprise that we love supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses across Canada. On Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day, we’re particularly excited to celebrate the Francophone culture and entrepreneurial spirit of Quebec. Home to over 200,000 small businesses, Ontario and Quebec are key innovation hubs that drive more than half  of Canada’s small business activity. Thanks to its multiculturalism, Quebec’s entrepreneurial landscape is uniquely rich and diverse, driving innovation and offering fresh perspectives locally and globally.

In this feature, we spotlight three Quebec-based businesses from our community that stand out for their environmental, cultural, and social impact and innovations. 

1. BocoBoco 

About: Did you know that individuals in Quebec produce 724 kg of waste per year?! BocoBoco is on a mission to reduce waste as a Quebec-local, eco-responsible gourmet grocery store founded by Lauren Rochat in 2019. They facilitate, encourage, and support consumers in making environmentally friendly purchases.

BocoBoco carefully selects all foods based on quality, focusing on local and pesticide-free options, and delivers them in reusable containers to eliminate waste. They use eco-friendly transport (either with a bike trailer, hybrid vehicle, or a Communauto vehicle) to drop off full jars and pick up the empties, keeping things green and sustainable. No more coming home from a bulk grocery store with heavy arms and realizing you didn’t buy the right quantity – sigh.  

Impact: 104,000 disposable packages have been avoided thanks to their returnable containers, with their customers reducing their food packaging by 21%. They also hired entrepreneurial youth through our Intrapreneurship Program!  

Connect: For more information about Bocoboco or if you’re in the Montreal area and want to place an order for zero waste groceries, check out their website or follow them on social media.

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2. Les Souvenirs Partagés

About: Did you ever wonder what kind of music your grandparents listened to? Or what their favourite snack was? Thanks to Les Souvenirs Partagés you can get to know your grandparents’ preferences with memory boxes of video or sound recordings. Les Souvenirs Partagés offers two formats for preserving family memories: a service with a videographer that comes to your home and an online option for self-guided completion.

Founded in 2017 by Loïc De Chabot and Sculpin Stella, who realized that besides some photos and their own writings and memory, the memory of grandparents (their voice, facial expressions, and anecdotes) got lost. This company is on a mission to preserve family stories that can be passed down through generations. Each souvenir box is made of iron, illustrated and made in France. Their services are available in several cities in France with local correspondents for video services and in Montreal. 

Impact: In 2020, Les Souvenirs Partagés won the Grand Ouest final of the Prix Audace organized by the Fondation le Roch – Les Mousquetaires and the Union des Auto-Entrepreneurs which rewards entrepreneurs in France. With our Intrapreneurship Program students had the chance to work on a part-time project for this innovative small business.  

Connect: Check out their thoughtful services on their website and make sure to follow them on social media. 

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3. Taam Media 

About: We all know that social media can be fake – showcasing everyone living their best life. Imagine if we injected more vulnerability into this medium, how much more interesting and powerful would that be? That’s exactly what this dynamic digital agency does by focusing on giving diverse Quebec youth a space for dialogue that is both safe and taboo-free. Taam Media was founded in 2018 by Nour El-Mohri, whose mission is to promote multiculturalism and create new conversations on inclusion in the province of Quebec to improve living together. They also aim to provide a platform for underrepresented groups to claim their place in media and touch on controversial subjects that are too often pushed aside or ignored in society.  

Impact: Because of her work, Nour received the Lieutenant-Governor’s Youth Medal in 2020. Taam Media also connected with our students to develop real-world entrepreneurial skills through our Intrapreneurship Program. 

Connect: Check out their innovative series (like Taam Therapy – where individuals share their stories – the good, bad, and ugly) and follow them on social media. 

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