CCI - Understanding the Intangible Canadian Economy
Tim Jackson: What the Non-For-Profit and For-Profit Sectors Can Learn From Each Other
Mike Wessinger: Building a Human-Centred Organization
Michael Garrity: The Gift of Feedback
Kirstine Stewart: Cultivating Your Self-awareness
Annette Verschuren: Trust Your Instincts
Martin Picard: Transforming the hospitality industry
Eva Lau: How to Cultivate Resiliency
Scott Stirrett on The Globe & Mail: "Teaching debate skills will strengthen democracy" Venture for Canada CEO and Founder Scott Stirrett writes the following article for The Globe and Mail, discussing how young Canadians need to be taught debate skills in order to grow into tomorrow's leaders of a healthy democracy.
The Upside Foundation Board of Directors Appoints Former Venture For Canada Leader Juanita Lee-Garcia, Executive Director The Board of Directors and leadership at Venture for Canada (VFC) congratulated former leader Juanita Lee-Garcia on her appointment as Executive Director of The Upside Foundation of Canada as the public foundation looks to expand its reach across Canada as of November 15, 2022.
Tech Industry Warns That More Remote-Work Jobs Are Headed Out Of U.S. Worker shortages, limited immigration in the U.S. may favour jobs in Canada and elsewhere
A Year in Books VFC Founder and CEO Scott Stirrett ends 2022 by reviewing the 35 books he read over the past year and identifies his nine favourites. Click here to review the high-level Goodreads description of each work, followed by Scott's comments on why he recommends the book. Happy reading!
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