No One is An Expert in Anything with Desiree Bombenon

portrait of Desiree Bombenon
Desiree Bombenon Desirée Bombenon (Dezaray Bombano) has over 30 years of business operational experience and strategic leadership. Awarded RBC’s Momentum Entrepreneur for 2020, Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women by WXN 2020, and Ernst & Young 2019 Entrepreneur of the year for the Prairies in Communication Technology, she is a bold innovator, futurist, and purpose-driven leader. Her portfolio includes business strategy, social enterprise, and culture building.

What tips do you have for young people on how they can leverage mentorship to accelerate their careers?

  • Mentorship is an excellent way for both the mentee and the mentor to learn and to grow. A mentor is someone you can speak to openly about challenges and most importantly even sharing experiences that you have and having somebody listen to them. 
  • What often happens is you find, you know it clears the fog and you end up finding your own solutions when you start talking about.If you have the opportunity to have a mentor, take it. There are organizations all over the place that you know offer mentorship programs.
  • It’s great to hear about other successful people who have had those same challenges, and they made it. And sometimes it’s just that ability to get that energy from somebody else or get that little push from somebody else.

What is involved in becoming a B Corp and why did you decide to pursue the designation?

  • To become a certified B Corporation means that your company is willing to uphold the highest standards in both social and environmental governance.This is done by maintaining numerous metrics that are audited annually to ensure your meeting or exceeding those targets. 
  • It took SureCall eight months of really hard work to become a B-Corp. It’s an ongoing process, ensuring your company meets the diversity and inclusion standards, and living up to the values set-up into place.
  • The reason companies do it is to solidify their commitment to being a purpose over profit organization. It also holds companies accountable to ensure that they live those values every day.

What are some of the ways that you cultivate a positive work culture and retain employees Sure-Call? 

  • Cultivating culture is the centering point for everything at SureCall. All the decisions that are made, the beliefs and values that are in the organization, and for the targets and goals that the employees have for themselves.
  • Here at Surecall, when people are living up to these values set up into place  everyday and people see that, they’re drawn to it.  It opens the doors for the team to have, no fear in dealing with each other, there’s no finger pointing, there’s no blame game.
  • It ensures that you have a collaborative environment in a well meaning one.