Where Are They Now: Analiz Ochoa

Where is She Now?

Analiz Ochoa, 2022 VFC and RBC Fellow.

Where are you now and what’s your current position?

  • I am working as a Product Designer at OwnSpace

What skills or knowledge did you learn throughout the program that you found most useful in your career?

  • Understanding business strategy: Picking up the ins and outs of business strategy by being exposed to so many start-ups was a game-changer! As a designer, this helped me form a holistic view of the start-up I work at, and make design decisions that align with the business objectives. It also simplified deciding which features to prioritize, which proved to be a major asset in my design toolkit.
  • Leadership skills: As a designer leadership skills are key. The skills I gained at VFC empowered me to start leading projects within a few months of joining the start-up, advocating for our users when meeting with stakeholders, and sparking curiosity about our users across all teams. 
  • Networking skills: Mastering networking skills was incredibly beneficial. I’ve met so many cool people, swapped ideas, and even found a few mentors along the way. It’s broadened my horizons and sparked some pretty unique design ideas.

What are you most proud of from the fellowship experience?

  • The biggest win from the Fellowship Program has to be the amount of growth I experienced. Coming from an architecture background, I already had a solid design foundation, but it was the business insights from the Fellowship that truly catalyzed my product design journey.  Beyond the skills, the valuable connections I’ve made and the strong network I’ve built have been game-changers, opening up so many cool opportunities.  All these experiences have not only boosted my confidence but also equipped me to understand how to make a real impact in the companies I work with.

Based on what you know now and have experienced, would you pick the same career path?

  • Absolutely, I’d choose to be a designer again in a heartbeat. To me there’s something incredibly rewarding about seeing concepts in my mind come to life in the real world. Coupled with my passion for problem-solving, this career path offers a unique blend of creativity and analytical thinking that keeps me engaged and inspired every single day.

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