Where Are They Now: Allan Batalla

Where is He Now?

Allan Batalla, 2022 VFC and RBC Fellow.

Where are you now and what’s your current position?

  •  I’m currently working at ContactMonkey as a Business Development Representative.

What skills or knowledge did you learn throughout the program that you found most useful in your career?

  • I learned how to think on my feet and adapt quickly to change. I learned how to leverage support from my peers whenever I had a problem or question. I learned how to ask myself reflective questions to uncover insights from my past experiences to improve any next steps.

What are you most proud of from the fellowship experience?

  • I’m most proud of developing my resilience, grit, and tenacity. There were moments when I had self-doubt in my role, but I stayed with it because I knew this was useful for my character development. There will always be resistance and difficulty when doing anything worthwhile. Grit and resilience will always be useful to have.

Based on what you know now and have experienced, would you pick the same career path?

  • I would definitely pick the same career path, for the same reasons why I chose sales in the first place. I wanted to develop resilience and grit while improving my communication skills.

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