Where Are They Now: Alise Grant

Where Is She Now?

Alise Grant, 2022 VFC Fellow, and 2022 RBC Award Winner

Where are you now and what’s your current position?

  • I am a Customer Success Specialist at Relay. I was actually the first person on the customer success team at my startup, and I currently wear many hats. 

What skills or knowledge did you learn throughout the program that you found most useful in your career?

  • Adaptability, honesty, and openness to new experiences are all key things I learned from my experience at VFC. Being a part of a new and growing startup is challenging and exciting at the same time, and I’ve found the most success by being authentic and open to the fact that things will change almost every day. VFC really prepared me for my career through coaching and a community, so you feel supported through the uncertainty of building your career and growing with your company.

What are you most proud of from the fellowship experience?

  • I am most proud that I pushed myself to participate in the experience fully. It’s one thing to become a fellow; the only way to really benefit from the program is to fully immerse yourself. I’m proud that I’ve made the most out of the opportunities presented to me.

Based on what you know now and have experienced, would you pick the same career path?

  • Absolutely! As a new grad coming into my career, it has been really valuable for me to work in a role where I wear many hats. I’ve been able to work cross-functionally with sales, marketing, and product which has really allowed me to explore my strengths and interests. I feel that if I didn’t work in a small, dynamic work environment I wouldn’t have been able to get these same opportunities.

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