Venture for Canada hosts conference to tackle intergenerational workforce challenges

Venture for Canada announced its second annual All Things People Conference. The 2023 conference will take place April 4, 2023 at Toronto Metropolitan University, with the option to participate virtually.

Unlocking the potential of multigenerational teams is the theme of the 2023 conference. In addition to racial, gender, and religious diversity, many Canadian businesses now have employees from as many as five various generations, from Gen Zs to Baby Boomers. While having a multigenerational workplace is not a new occurrence, the sharp contrast between generational working styles, communication styles, preferences and expectations has become increasingly evident in recent years. 

All Things People 2023 aims to break down generational stereotypes and provide actionable insights or tools to managers and leaders through workshops, keynotes and stagetalks. The conference will feature 40+ industry speakers and experts, like Hamza Khan, Future of Work expert and author of Leadership, Reinvented, and Jenn Harper, Founder and CEO of Cheekbone Beauty.

The first All Things People was hosted virtually last March, and had nearly 300 attendees. Focused on implementing diversity, equity and inclusion best practices at startups, over 40 speakers hosted workshops, keynotes and networking sessions in 2022.  

Hamza Khan, 2023 All Things People Keynote, Future of Work Expert, Author of Leadership, Reinvented:

“It’s critical for the leaders, founders, and managers of Canadian startups to talk about intergenerational workspaces. For I believe that by the end of 2023 at the latest, any lingering debates about the efficacy of putting people first will finally come to a head. The workplace paradigms shifted by COVID-19 illuminated a vast and disturbing chasm between the realities of employers and employees. And I believe that the topic of the intergenerational workforce can serve as a potent keyhole issue to examine the complex root causes of this divide, as well as spark ideas on how to bridge the divide for good.”

Jenn Harper, 2023 All Things People Keynote, Founder & CEO of Cheekbone Beauty:

“I am so excited to be presenting at Venture for Canada’s All Things People Conference in April 2023. I hope that those who attend leave inspired, knowing that they have the ability to create and build the life of their dreams.”

Scott Stirrett, Founder & CEO of Venture for Canada:

“Venture for Canada supported over 3,000 young Canadians to launch their careers in 2022. Few conversations are more prevalent amongst our youth participants and employer partners than how to make multigenerational workforces more effective. We are excited for All Things People to convene hundreds of small businesses across the country to discuss this critical topic.”

Venture for Canada is a national charity that accelerates the careers of Canadian youth by providing immersive learning opportunities at Canadian startups and small businesses. Through VFC’s programs, young Canadians gain the skills, experience, and networks to lead more entrepreneurial and impactful careers, and innovative Canadian small and medium-sized enterprises gain access to the talent that they need to grow. To learn more about Venture for Canada’s All Things People Conference, please visit our website.


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