The Gift of Community | Venture for Canada 2020 Gift Guide

Person Holding a Gift via Unsplash

Shop local this Holiday Season. We’ve all heard it.
But did you know the VFC Community is full of artisans, services and products that would make the perfect gift? Plus, they’re local, too.

Give the gift of community by supporting VFC Alumni, Partner Employers and the greater VFC Community. 


Micha Saade

The Gift of Active Lifestyle Namastetics

“In an industry that is notorious for fast fashion, we want to be part of the narrative that does not support  those actions and instead, provide mindfully made clothing that is not unethically made or creating unnecessary strain on the environment.”

Micha Saade, 2017 VFC Fellow Alumni co-founded Namastetics to give yoga lovers premium quality activewear without the premium price. 

Located in Toronto, ON; available worldwide |

Susie Pan

The Gift of CoachingSusie Pan

“My life mission is to help people, products, and companies unleash their potential.”

Susie Pan, 2015 VFC Fellow Alumni, is on a mission. Susie wants to support young professionals, recent graduates, those in transition, or anyone that wants to become empowered. Susie offers life, career, and business coaching to help people achieve their goals on their terms.

Located in New Zealand available worldwide |



The Gift of Fashion Tücy 

“Our mission is to make it cool to be different. Our key values are diversity, authenticity, and sustainability all while trying to make the coolest **** possible.”

Founded by 2019 Fellow Chris Cameron, Tücy is an online streetwear label that creates one-of-a-kind pieces. 

Located in Halifax, NS |


AdaptDaily gummies

The Gift of A Good Night’s SleepAdaptDaily 

“A tastier way to eat your medicinal herbs.”

2015 Fellow Alumni Kiki Athanas created the first-ever Health-Canada approved gummy containing adaptogens that are traditionally used in Herbal Medicine to help increase resistance to stress. Sleep tight.

Located in Toronto, ON; available in select health food stores and ships online to Canada & USA |



The Gift of SnacksNaked Snacks

We’re inspired to make healthy food more accessible, through convenient delivery and exceptional taste.”

Partner Employer Naked Snacks balances health and deliciousness in their snack boxes.

Located in Richmond, BC |


Upfront Cosmetics

The Gift of Zero Plastic Upfront Cosmetics 

“We’ve diverted over 18,000 bottles from oceans & landfills”

Upfront Cosmetics is a Partner Employer that creates hair care without the plastic waste. 

Located in Fredericton, NB |


Partake Brewing Stout

The Gift of Not Being Left OutPartake Brewing 

“I launched Partake Brewing to bring all the things that make craft beer great to non-alcoholic beer drinkers including taste, variety, authenticity, creativity, and passion.”

Intern Employer Partake Brewing specializes in non-alcoholic beer so those who choose not to drink or have medical issues can still participate in social activities, special occasions and the love of beer.

Located in Calgary AB |


A Yorabode Product

The Gift of a Nice Smelling HomeYorabode 

Training Manager Anna loves Yorabode for all her essential oils, candles, room spray and bath needs. Nice smell = all is well.

Located in St John’s, NL |


Camp Brand Goods Sweatshirt

The Gift of Adventure Camp Brand Goods 

Danielle is either working as a Business Development Associate or spending her time in the great outdoors. There is no in-between. Camp Brand Goods is her favourite place to grab a sweatshirt for her next adventure.

Located in Calgary, AB |


TYPE Books Bookstore

The Gift of a Good BookTYPE Books

Our Finance and Operations Lead Kathleen loves a good book, and a cute bookstore. Plus they have mystery bags of staff picked books to spice up your reading life. Let’s stop judging books by their cover, shall we?

Located in Toronto, ON |


Duly Noted Products

The Gift of Gifts – Duly Noted

Marketing Lead Erica is the type of person to not use a notebook because it’s too pretty. If you’re nothing like her or just love pretty things, check out Duly Noted endless selection of stationary, cards, prints and pottery.

Located in Halifax, NS |

Erica Ormiston is the Marketing Lead at VFC. Atlantic Canadian with a passion for celebrating her...