Tech Industry Warns That More Remote-Work Jobs Are Headed Out Of U.S.

With a 420% increase in remote tech jobs since January 2020, tech-industry leaders in the US are warning government that unless they allow more high-skilled immigrants into the country, this remote-work trend will lead to more offshoring of software engineers and other technology jobs.  As businesses were required to embrace remote work over the last two years, it showed many employers how remote work in another country is a productive option.  As quoted by MobSquad President and COO, Arif Khimani, “There was some hesitation before the pandemic to having workers spread across many offices and cities.  Now they’ve proven to themselves that remote work isn’t a problem.”

This openness to remote work has led many US tech companies to move their foreign tech talent to Canada, where immigration policies are much more welcoming, the quality of life is high, and the time zones are the same.

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Irfhan Rawji