“Normal” Isn’t in Our Vocabulary, and Here’s Why

Breaking Chains, Igniting Ideas: Your Path to Career Freedom Starts Here

Hey, Class of 2024,

This One’s for You.

Picture this: You graduate, snag that 9-5 job everyone talks about, and… then what? The days blur into a monotonous cycle: work, eat, sleep, repeat.

If that script sounds dreadfully familiar, it’s because society often pushes us into this concept of “normal”. But we’re here to spill the tea:

…normal isn’t even in our vocabulary.

1. Status Quo, Who?

Let’s keep it 100: The concept of a ‘normal career path’ has been passed down from older generations. It’s like sticking to the factory settings on your smartphone and never customizing it to fit your needs. At Venture for Canada, we believe in personalization, not standardization.

2. Change the Channel 

“Normal” is a hand-me-down definition, and while it has its merits, it’s like watching reruns of a TV show you never liked in the first place. But get this: you have the remote. Change the channel.

3. Unbox Your Thinking

When everyone says “think outside the box,” what they’re not saying is that it’s way more fun to throw the box out the window. Do you really want to spend your life confined by limitations—especially ones that you didn’t even set?

4. Your Individuality Isn’t Just Welcome—It’s Needed

Fed up with fitting into molds that suppress your individuality? Your unique perspective isn’t just important; it’s the key to unlocking innovation and tackling complex challenges.

5. Navigating the Maze

Life isn’t a straight path; it’s more like a maze with multiple exits. The trick is finding the one that leads to a place where you genuinely want to be. And yeah, that’s going to involve running into some dead ends, but that’s how you learn where you don’t want to go.

So What’s the Alternative?

You can keep aiming for someone else’s version of “normal,” or you can redefine what that means for you. Whether that’s working at an innovative startup, launching your own venture, or advocating for social justice, the point is: it’s your story to write.

Ready to Redefine ‘Normal’? 

If everything you just read hits close to home, then maybe it’s time for a fresh perspective. Venture for Canada’s Fellowship Program is where you can not only break the mold but also build new ones. You won’t just be making a difference in your life but also setting new norms that future generations can look up to.

Tired of the same old, same old? Let’s switch things up. 

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