Donor Feature: Meet Ryan Cobb

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Hey Ryan! We’re excited to catch up with you. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and what you are up to now?

My name is Ryan Cobb and I’m a 2017 VFC Fellow. I’m currently working as a Customer Experience Manager at LuminUltra Technologies, a Biotech company in New Brunswick. We serve customers all over the world from municipal drinking water, all the way to the Public Health Authority of Canada.

In my role, I work to create effortless customer experiences so we can all live, work, and play with confidence. I work in the intersections between sales, marketing, and customer success. I look at the end-to-end customer journey and champion opportunities to improve the customer experience.

I’m passionate about helping others grow, learn, take responsibility, and receive recognition for their achievements. I love working with the team to solve problems and my curiosity lies between sales marketing and customer success. 

Outside of work, I love to spend time outdoors with my family hiking and running. Recently, I’ve taken up cycling!

That’s amazing! Your curiosity and commitment to customer experience are definitely big entrepreneurial strengths! Why is it important to you to support young entrepreneurial Canadians?

I’m passionate about supporting young Canadians who are seeking entrepreneurial opportunities or careers because I believe that whether it’s supporting a founder, or starting your own venture, those experiences can create a different level of problem-solving and engagement and that those are the skills and passions we need to solve the big problems of our generation.

The VFC Fellowship Program helped me kickstart my career; giving me a community of like-minded entrepreneurial peers. We also learned to think about problems outside ourselves, and that’s another thing that makes me so passionate about supporting young Canadians who are curious about either being an entrepreneur or supporting entrepreneurial ventures.

Well said! To be entrepreneurial truly is to act upon opportunities to create value for others. What do you envision for a more entrepreneurial and inclusive Canada?

I envision a more entrepreneurial and inclusive Canada that looks like the majority of VC funding not going to people that look like me. It looks like every Canadian is able to use their voice and pursue their full potential. I believe a more entrepreneurial and inclusive Canada is all of us working together to break down the systemic barriers and biases that hold others back.

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