Choose Your Fellow: Anamika Saxena

Meet Anamika Saxena, 2022 VFC and RBC Fellow. She is currently on her journey of becoming an Entrepreneur, and and is passionate about implementing meaningful change. She’s currently self-employed and working on company called Storybox MC.

What does being a connector mean to you?

When I moved here to Canada, I felt isolated and noticed that other international students like myself felt the same way. There was a combination of feeling homesick, but also dealing with the language barrier and not knowing how to navigate in a new country. 

This influenced me to create this platform called Storybox Mentor Connect, which connects  international students to current students directly. The platform is also open to immigrants, and newcomers.

I created this platform to assure that before coming to Canada, newcomers can feel connected to their potential community.

So essentially being a connector means being able to connect with people beyond your normal scope, and creating ways for others to do the same. 


As a connector, what are things that you engage with to keep you inspired and motivated?

My own struggles and hardship keep me motivated. My parents are one of my biggest motivators, as I want to ensure that I am making them proud and hoping to impact them and relieve them from any suffering. 

What’s one piece of advice you would leave for someone trying to step into becoming a connector?

If you’re someone who enjoys helping others, out of your goodwill, then continue that. That is one of the main indicators and characteristics of becoming a Connector. When I’m looking for people to hire for my website, I come across so many students who have this quality, and it makes me happy. 

They just want to help people and have no judgment or bias in those they do help.

How would you say, Connectors thrive in entrepreneurship?

Connectors thrive in entrepreneurship by being compassionate with others and having a deep sense of empathy so that they can fully connect with others. They are also capable of surviving on their own motivation to help others which is what makes them succeed in this sector.

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