#ATP22: Equitable Compensation 101

Focusing on closing Canada’s gender power and pay gap, Heather Odendaal (Co Founder & CEO @WNorth) will discuss realities, challenges, and key observations of achieving equity in the business and on your team, with her community-building lens to solve insufficient support structures for women in North America.


To create a more transparent work culture: add transparency to the recruitment process from interview 1 with pay transparency, implement a wage matrix, and create a competency matrix.

Key takeaways from the session:

  1. #shareyourleave: on your careers page, or during the interview process, highlight the unique Paid Time Off (PTO) that your organization offers. Before somebody even applies, they have a sense of non-salary benefits they will gain.
  2. Transparency (about salary, benefits, leave, and more) is one way to address society’s wage and power gap problems – and likely one of the fastest.
  3. Equitable compensation is key to diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts at any organization

About All Things People: 

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