#ATP22: A Step-by-Step Guide to Implementing DEI

Implementing DEI: we all want to achieve it, but how do we get there? Watch A Step by Step Guide to Implementing DEI, featuring Cassie Myers (CEO @ Lunaria Solutions), Daphne Magna (Founder @ Tough Convos), Gabriela Jordão (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Manager @ Hootsuite), and Naoufel Testaouni (Co-Founder, CEO @ Queertech) for a breakdown on how to apply effective DEI practices in your organization.


"Create a clear path to progression and mobility within the organization. When you look at a lot of minority groups [within your organization], you want to really focus on creating paths for them to grow to management roles." – Naoufel Testaouni (Co-Founder, CEO @ Queertech)

Key takeaways from the session:

  1. Promote Equitable Knowledge Construction:
    Ensure power dynamics are balanced by collaborative interpretation of data, preventing individual biases from skewing results. (Cassie Myers)
  2. Integrate DEI Throughout Organizational Culture:
    Achieve deep integration of DEI by driving change from both leadership and grassroots levels within the organization. (Daphne Magna)
  3. Implement and Educate on Non-Discrimination Policies:
    Establish clear non-discrimination and anti-harassment policies and educate employees to enable reporting and resolution of incidents. (Naoufel Testaouni)
  4. Foster Trust Through Vulnerability:
    Embrace vulnerability as a strength that can enhance learning and build trust among team members. (Gabriela Jordão)

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About All Things People: 

All Things People is Venture for Canada’s annual conference. The 2023 conference took place on April 4, 2023, at Toronto Metropolitan University, with the theme of unlocking the potential of multigenerational teams.

All Things People 2023 aimed to break down generational stereotypes and provide actionable insights or tools to managers and leaders through workshops, keynotes and stage talks. The conference featured 40+ industry speakers and experts, like Hamza Khan, Future of Work expert and author of Leadership, Reinvented, and Jenn Harper, Founder and CEO of Cheekbone Beauty.

The first All Things People was hosted virtually in March 2022, and had nearly 300 attendees. Focused on implementing diversity, equity and inclusion best practices at startups, over 40 speakers hosted workshops, keynotes and networking sessions.

To learn more, visit our All Things People website.

About Venture for Canada: 

Venture for Canada is a national charity focused on accelerating the careers of Canadian youth through immersive opportunities at innovative startups and small businesses. Through our three core programs—Intrapreneurship, Internship, and Fellowship—young Canadians gain the skills, experience, and networks they need to lead more entrepreneurial and impactful careers. In 2022, Venture for Canada supported over 1,000 startups and small businesses across Canada to hire entrepreneurial young Canadians. 

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