2023 RBC Inclusive Entrepreneurship Recipients: Not Being Afraid of Failure

Venture for Canada takes pride in our ability to equip young leaders with the skills, networks, and resources necessary to thrive in the entrepreneurial world through our Fellowship program. 

When asked about what moments shaped new perspectives during the Fellowship program, our Winners of the 2023 RBC Inclusive Entrepreneurship Awards spoke about embracing the potential of failure and using that as a learning experience:

“VFC Fellowship program places major emphasis on the power of a growth mindset. This strong emphasis made training camp a place where people feel safe to take risks and make mistakes and where they can receive feedback and support. As an entrepreneur, you constantly wrestle with failure, but failure can be a valuable learning experience. The experience wasn’t just about learning entrepreneurial skills. It was about being in an environment where everyone is motivated to succeed and root for each other’s success.”

  • Cam Hennessy (Toronto, Ontario)

“The moment that had the most impact on me was when I got the opportunity to do the sales pitch challenge. Before that challenge, I didn’t think I could be a salesperson; in fact, it was the scariest challenge I had faced in a while, which is why I knew I had to do it. Taking that challenge head-on showed me that even if something scares me, I could still face it head-on.” 

  • Laughter Afolabi (St. John’s. Newfoundland)