10 Signs You Were Born to be a VFC Fellow

Look, we all have our thing. Some of us perfected the art of sourdough in 2020, while others are natural-born TikTok dance masters. And then there’s a unique breed, the ones who seem tailor-made for Venture for Canada’s Fellowship Program. How do you spot ’em? Glad you asked!


First off, if you’re reading this and you’ve graduated within the last four years—or you’re about to walk across that stage—then keep going; you’re already one step closer to being the VFC Fellow we’re looking for. But let’s dig deeper; here are the top 10 signs you’re tailor-made for the program:

  1. “Oops, I Learned Again”: You’ve turned Britney’s classic into your personal growth track. 
  2. Box? What Box?: When told to think outside the box, you’re like “Wait, there was a box?” 
  3. Changemaker: If you look at the world and think “We can do better”, you’re in the right place. 
  4. Connector: You effortlessly connect dots, people, ideas, and sometimes all three before lunch. 
  5. Sky’s the Limit: When life says you should run, not walk, you ask, “Why not fly?” 
  6. Grand Slammer: When life throws curveballs, you don’t duck – you learn how to hit grand slams. 
  7. Business as Usual? Nah, not your style. You’re too busy transforming business into a force for good. 
  8. PHD in GSD: No, not a typo. You’ve got an unofficial degree in “Getting Stuff Done”. 
  9. Purpose > Prestige: While many chase titles and accolades, you pursue meaning and impact. 
  10. Constant Evolution: Some folks level up in video games. You? You’re all about leveling up in life. Always learning, growing, and evolving. 


Did you nod so vigorously that you almost gave yourself whiplash? 


Congrats! You’re resonating with us on a level that says you could be the ideal VFC Fellow we’ve been waiting for. If you saw yourself in this list, we see you too–and we’re excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. 


Time is of the essence, and we’ve got a seat with your name on it.

Dive headfirst into an experience designed to fuel your ambition, expand your network, and put your knack for making a difference to good use.


👉 Click Here to apply for the 2024 Fellowship Program. 

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